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JADSOFT Retail is built on the .net framework and utilizes the strengths of a Microsoft SQL Server relational database. It was designed to be a modular system where new modules can be plugged in to a framework. (Modular Framework) Other vendors or developers can write modules to plug straight in the Module Framework. With this in mind, you can customize your system by adding or removing modules.


Property Management

As the demand for housing and business premises are growing, Property Management is becoming a vital element of today’s business and economy. JADSOFT Property Management gives you the tools to keep track of properties on your books.


Jobcard System

Putting into operation a call centre software system takes time and money. To fully understand your purchase decision, realize call centre software solutions provide few, key improvements to basic call centre operations. Call centre software can benefit your call centre process by simplifying customer service, enhancing employee and management efficiencies, and providing reporting metrics for management.


Payroll System

Payroll Software is used to manage and streamline the process of making payments to employees. Companies use Payroll Software to automate and calculate payments, withholding tax and depositing salaries into the designated bank account of employees.


Payroll Services

Not computer savvy or do not have the time to run your own payroll? Let us do it for you. For a small monthly fee we will do everything to meet your payroll requirements.
This will give you the time to concentrate on your business. 


Labour Consultancy

“Excelent package for contractors with rotating staff and for small businesses." 


Blindspot is a PC app to assist visually impaired people to operate a computer. 2. It will enable you to select text on the screen and read it back to you. word for word, while highlighting every word. (English only)
It is customizable to adjust Reading speed, Magnification and Image enhancement .

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